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Kei Owada × Kaori Sawada

  • Saravah Tokyo, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan | 19:00 / 19:30
  • Tickets:Advance 3,500 JPY + 1 drink order / Door 4,000 JPY + 1 drink order
  • Live musicians:Kei Owada, Kaori Sawada

Book via phone:+81-(0)3-6427-8886
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VOCAL CROSSING - Route 19 ~Featuring chihiRo・Kei Owada・Daisuke Ito with George Nagata~

  • JZ Brat | 17:30 / 19:30
  • Tickets:Advance 3,500 JPY / Door 4,000 JPY / Student Discount 2,000 JPY
    Live musicians:chihiRo(vo), Kei Owada(vo), Daisuke Ito(vo), George Nagata(p)

Book via phone:+81-(0)3-5728-0168
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kei Owada Kei Owada


Kei Owada

Singer songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist

Kei Owada is a singer/songwriter from Tokyo, Japan.
Kei attracts her audience into her world with her music, which is influenced by Soul music and '60s and 70's American music such as Carole king, and with her words that resonates deeply with others.
Like a missing piece one has been searching for, Kei’s clear yet sensitive singing voice and delivers her words gently, sometimes powerfully.
In 2013, Kei released her first EP 5 pieces+1 as a solo artist and expanded her musical career, performing in Japan and overseas while preparing to produce her next original EP.
Kei has travelled to NY, USA numerous times and joined jam sessions with local musicians. In 2014, she has been chosen as a top dog (semi-finalist) at the Apollo Theater's amateur night in NY. In the same year, she performed at Nango Jazz festival, where Terumasa Hino and TAKE 6 also appeared.
Then on November 2014, she released an EP, A Part of me. Her new sound was coming directly from New York City, getting musical support from young acclaimed musicians.
In April 2016, Kei released her full album touching souls, which she collaborated with hotshot musicians in Japan. In July 2016, she has appeared Sapporo city jazz festival with Chikuzen Sato and also joined Yu Sakai’s show at Cotton Club in Tokyo as a guest singer. She is surely expanding the range of her musical career.


kei Owada touching souls

touching souls

April 13, 2016

2,000 JPY | MSPR-0001 | Label:morningside park records

Track list:

  1. water flower
  2. you are my love
  3. April Fool
  4. the missing piece
  5. touching souls
  6. Hareta Hinokoto
  7. little light
  8. Asa Ni Kaeru

Produced by Tadashi Hirosawa
Musicians: Keiji Matsumoto(Pf), Hideyuki Komatsu(Gt), Satoshi Yoshida(Gt), Yusuke Onishi(Gt), Shigeki Umezawa(Ba), Mike Marrington(Dr), Toshiyuki Sasaki(Dr), Toshitaka Shibata(Key), Tomohiro Maeda(Gt), Miru Yamamoto(Tp), Ayaka Harada(Tb), Mamiko Amemiya Quartet

Kei Owada A Part Of Me [EP]

A Part Of Me [EP]

November 01, 2014

Kei Owada 5 pieces + 1

5 pieces +1

July 04, 2013



the missing piece

touching souls (short version)

A Part Of Me

Door on the Bright Side Will Open

Amateur Night "you are my love" at Apollo Theater